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John H. McWhorter, Why Im Black, Not African American (in the Blair Reader)
Each of three readings for this modules discussion (McWhorter/Tannen/Twain) introduced an author who made clear distinctions between two things that otherwise might be seen as equal equal terms, equal genders, and equal animals. Yet the emphasis of each article is on the differences between those two nearly-equal concepts or objects.
Consider any two of the three readings and examine the differences between the approaches the authors took. (McWhorter/Tannen/Twain)
Discuss their arguments, styles, conclusions, or other factors about what they wrote. How are the two authors articles working differently?
**See Ask Your Instructor on Gender Neutral Language info.
Your answer should consist of well-developed paragraph or two, which means the first sentence should answer the question(s) (i.e., topic sentence), and the following sentences should support the topic sentence. The paragraph(s) should be unified and coherent with specific supporting details or examples from the story. The sentences should be clear, concise, and arranged in a logical order. Transitions, pronouns, and repetition should be used to provide coherence. The paragraph(s) should follow acompare and contrast format.
Word count: minimum 250 maximum 280

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275 Initial Post Response. I also need 3 replies on other posts. Two replies are
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