Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Anthropology homework help. A non-ideal inductor (i.e., it has its own unknown resistance RL and its own power factor of 0.5) is connected in series with a resistor R1 = 20 ? and a capacitor with XC = 180 sqrt(3) ?. The voltage across the inductor is ?v(L+RL) = 80 sin(200t) and the rms value for the current is sqrt(2)/4  A. Draw the phasor diagram and find the equations for a) i(t), b) ?v(t), c) ?vL(t), and d) ?vC(t). Find e) the total impedance of the circuit, f) the average power delivered to the inductor and g) the average power delivered to the whole circuit from the source. (Answers: b) ?v = 100sin(200t-2?/3) V, e) 200 ?, g) 12.5 W)

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