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Anthropology homework help. You asked:”TOPIC – WACC (Weighted avg cost of capital) ESTIMATIONOn January 1st, the total market value of the Tysseland Co was 60 million. During the year, the company plans to raise and invest 30 million in new projects. The firms present market capital structure (seen below) is ocnsidered to be optimal. There is no short term debt.Debt = $30,000,000common equity = $30,000,000Total Capital = $60,000,000New Bonds will have an 8% coupon rate, and they will be sold at par. Common stock is currently selling at $30 a share. The stockholders required rate of return is estimated to be 12%, consisting of a dividend yield of 4% and an expected constant growth rate of 8%. (the next expected dividend is $1.20, so the dividend yield is $1.20/$30 = 4%) the marginal tax rate is 40%.a) in order to maintain the present capital structure, how much of the new investment must be financed by common equity?b) assuming there is sufficient cash flow for Tysseland to maintain its target capital structure without issuing additional shares of equity, what is its WACC?C) Suppose now that there is not enough internal cash flow and the firm must issue new shares of stock. Qualitatively speaking, what will happen to the WACC? No numbers are required to answer this question.”

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