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Anthropology homework help. Write 4 page essay on the topic ‘Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl.Man’s Search for Meaning.” The themes are so critically reviewed to the extent that the critical application of Viktor’s text gives a perfect analysis for other different real-life occurrences. Given the reason to critical applicability, the below essay critically analyzes the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” all from a critical viewpoint of Viktor’s reasoning ideas.On one hand, Viktor suffers as a victim of the Auschwitz Concentration camp as an inmate victim of the World War II. To Viktor, it is quite clear and the general fact that most of the inmates of such level are bound to loose meaning to life. Upon such situation, the inmates slowly grow weak right from the inside. The absolute result is witnessed by all when the individual reveals the inner weaknesses through poor mental conditions and extremely poor health appearances. According to Viktor, an inmate survived longer in the concentration camps depending on how strong the individual meaning for life was. Indeed, Viktor had critically reviewed the some of the most influential human life-facts in history (Victor, 38). In order for every divine individual to live a happy and satisfying life, it is in his or her basic interest to identify the basic purpose in life and derive the most positive fruits from it. The author believes in the conception that if one manages to identify a purpose to live, makes all possible positive feelings of it, and immensely lives to the imagined future outcome. then it is upon fate for the success to be witnessed.Whereas, on theother hand, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” brings about a whole new approach to people trying to find critical meaning for their lives. The film is set at the action of an estranged couple, former lovers who had their memories erased for the sake of better meaning for their individual lives. Well, the film could have been set on the basis of some fictional life events. However, it emanates and resemble the very

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