Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Anthropology homework help. Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Geograhpy middile east class.I would support a deal between my country and the Palestinians that secured access for Israel to the freshwater aquifer under the West Bank when it becomes an independent nation in exchange for free access for Palestinians to the Temple Mount. I would support this deal for two reasons. The first centers on vital access to fresh water that Israel desperately needs.Even though the Temple Mount is significant to Israelis, especially religious ones, there is nothing there that will help water crops, animals or people. The Temple Mount will not ensure fresh water for food processing or other industrial processes. We need access to that water in order to keep growing and strengthening our economy. The second reason we should strike this deal is to begin to change public perception of Israel. We are often viewed in this day and age as the side that inhibits movement in any peace process. If we would offer this deal, then we could show that we are really willing to negotiate about the difficult issues that separate us from the Palestinians.The Temple Mount is a sacred site for many Israelis. It is an important place for the Jewish nation. But the reality is, allowing access to Palestinians will not make it less sacred. Gaining access to the aquifer under the West Bank is necessary for the survival of the

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