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Anthropology homework help. Decision Making and Leadership at ABC CompanyUsing the Czech Republic case described in Chapter 12 (Fejfarova, 2018), write a paper that explains the general framework, operational context, and environment factors that prompted the distillery company to make better decisions. Detail the steps the company took to create a better decision-making process in addition to some of the trials and tribulations it experienced along the way. Specifically, explain the key factors that either neutralized or took these processes backwards for a temporary period of time. Lastly, recommend how the company could establish a more agile decision making process and direct decisions to where they can be made in the quickest and most productive manner.Your paper should be:Four      (4) pages in length (not including cover and reference pages). Formatted      according to the APA format. Supported      by the course text and a minimum of 4-5 additional scholarly articles.Chapter 12 in Global Human Resource Management CasebookIrawanto, D.W. (2015). Employee participation in decision-making: Evidence from a state-owned enterprise in Indonesia. Management, 20(1), 159-172.Akbar, J. D., & Ghazali, Z. (2017). Plant turnaround maintenance leading and plant turnaround maintenance performance in Malaysian process based industry: The mediating role of team alignment. Global Business & Management Research, 9(1s), 985-101.Kurschus, R., Sarapovas, T., & Pilinkiene, V. (2017). The concept of crisis management by intervention model for SMEs. Engineering Economics, 28(2), 170-179. Belkin, L. Y., & Kouchaki, M. (2017, May 30). Too hot to help! Exploring the impact of ambient temperatures on helping. European Journal of Social Psychology. doi: 10.1002/ejsp.2242.Security News Desk. (2013, June 27). Decision-making in a crisis: Understanding the brain. Retrieved from, J. (2009, December). 12 reasons employees leave organizations. Peoria Magazine. Retrieved from

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