Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Anthropology homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on comparison of the divine command theory and the natural law theory. It poses as a means in which human beings can be rationally guided towards what is good for him and the rest of society. It is a natural knowable moral law that did not emanate from any act of human beings, but by the existence of reality in which man acts upon.Some of the ethical implications of the natural law theory include establishing a moral foundation for men to follow, which became the foundation also of the kind of laws being enacted in society. Thus, the natural law theory becomes a benchmark or a source of proper aid from which other laws (positive law, legal laws) adhere to. This moral foundation is one where men unknowingly follow in their association with other men, geared towards the common good and respect for the dignity of the human person. Natural law theory posits that human beings have ends from which their obligations are inferred.The natural law theory connotes ethical implications, which men consider in their decisions about which action to take and not to take when faced with moral and ethical issues. Supposed that natural law theory holds that homosexuality is wrong because it is not the natural purpose for which human nature is designed. This is to say then that homosexuality is an unnatural behavior and is therefore morally wrong and must not be taken as a proper action. Another ethical implication of the theory is holding on to the importance of human life, in which a human embryo is believed to be possessing rationality amidst the fact that it has not yet developed into a full human being, has no brain yet, internal organs, and extremities. However, the belief in the possession of innate rationality among human beings forbids the act of abortion. It may hence be posited that the human fetus, despite not possessing reason and rationality yet, is eventually inclined towards this tendency, making abortion an act that is ought not to be done and is thus, immoral. This is where the ethical implications of the natural law theory may be demonstrated.

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