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Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Education the New Form of Segregation. It needs to be at least 500 words.The assignment “Education the New Form of Segregation” analyzes the article “A Future Segregated By Science? The Opinion Pages” by M.C. Blow. Blow in his article suggests that there is a new emerging parameter under which the American society is being divided based on science and STEM-based education and employment.The author directs our attention to the development and progress of historical injustices such as economic disenfranchisement of the African Americans. The article presents irrefutable facts such as the chronology of the growth of the STEM jobs in the coming decade. The projection of the growth of STEM jobs is more impending than non-STEM jobs. The main strength of the article is the statistical evidence. Blow systematically explored the data presented from credible institutions such as the national math and science initiative and the USA today. He assesses the admission and interest that black and monitories have in STEM-related courses and subjects. The research in the article shows that the black population receives about 7% of all STEM-related bachelor’s degrees and even lower number of these professions gets hired. About 6% blacks and other minorities such as Hispanics hold STEM jobs in most of the prestigious companies and leading institutions. The weakness in the article is that the argument of the author fails to offer a solution on how best to improve on diversity in the workplace. Blow compares gainful employment to access the achievements of the black race and other minorities.

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