Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help. Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: Management Systems and Financial Information for Decision Making.It tends to reflect on the potential advantages and the benefits gained by Tesco Plc relating to the use of the MIS systems for managerial decision making functions. The paper also reflects the use of financial and costing information related to the use of MIS systems for helping in the generation of the right quality of business and strategic decisions. Finally the paper aims at hinting effective recommendations relating to the use of MIS systems in Tesco Plc. In overall the paper reflects on the strengths and weakness of the use of MIS systems in workplaces like the retail organization, Tesco.Management Information Systems (MIS) is widely used in different types of business organizations through the effective synchronization of its organizational, human resources, information technology and other operational resources to help in generating the right quality of decisions for generating competitive advantage to the business organization. Different types of MIS are used by the organizations relating to its different functions. It helps in the capturing, using and analysing of potential data sets for both present and future organizational decision making functions. The applicability and challenges for use of MIS in decision making functions would be discussed in the paper with effective focus on the aspect of a business organization like Tesco. This would contribute in analysing and discussing the utility of MIS from both the empirical and practical point of view to help in generating needed inferences for use in the future periods.Tesco Plc operates as a multinational grocery retailer with its head quarters based in United Kingdom. The company operates based along an integration of around 500,000 staffs spread along its different branches operating in around 12 different international markets. Tesco through the use of its global staff force operates to help in delivering services to a large number of customers

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