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Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help. Write a 3 page essay on Pay it forward.He then told me that as he was on his way to a dental clinic when all over sudden, two men approached him and told him to give them all the money that he had. He did not try to show any form of resistance as he was unable to see his attackers so he just surrendered everything. Just as they were about to go, one of them came back and snatched his sensor walking stick leaving him total unable to make any move as he could not sense where he was going. He also told me that he was very hungry and needed something to eat.The first thing that I did was to take him to the nearest hotel where I bought him a meal. After that, I took him to the dental clinic to have one of his tooth that was aching removed. I later took him to the police station so that he could report the incidence so that his attackers could be brought to book. Then I escorted him to his house that was located on the outskirts of the city. This is a true act form of altruism which is defined as the practice of showing deep concern for the welfare of other people (Kaufmann, 1970). This is an ancient virtue that has been practiced in many cultures and passed from one generation to another. By offering the form of assistance that I did, I demonstrated truly depicted this principle which does not expect any form of reward for doing well. Altruism is very much applicable in the field of psychology in which it is defined as a motivational state that aims at improving the welfare of other people and is differentiated with psychological egoism which is defined as motivation aimed at the improvement of one’s personal welfare.Altruism in psychology is said to exist when benefits offered to other people outweighs the cost. This is mainly because it is hard to ascertain if the behavior of an individual is based on an inner motivation to assist others or whether they harbor some personal rewards that they expect from the act such as attention or respect from other people. This believe is in accordance

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