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Biology homework help. Write a 3 page essay on LEVEL 4 VTCT BEAUTY THERAPY.e salon is a safe place for all, and that by default the practices in the salon will not lead to accidents or pose health, safety and security risks to customers and employees. These are &nbsp.fundamental to business practiceThe justifications for such recommendations and proposals stem from the need to secure the salon and to make it safe,primarily because accidents and harm to customers can result in lawsuits, loss of trust, the tarnishing of the image of the salon, and even business closure and loss of revenues. &nbsp.Compliance with the law ensures that practices relating to safety, security and health meet legal standards and regulatory standards. This is good business practice that can protect the salon from lawsuits and regulatory fines and problems. What can happen when regulations and the law are not followed is that the salon can be subjected to lawsuits and legal problems that can hamper operations. Also, these translate to shortcomings that can be used against the salon by customers in cases of legal and regulatory disputes.A good way to manage improvements is to benchmark processes versus a checklists of compliance targets, and those targets must meet minimum legal and regulatory standards for such points of compliance. The checklists must be strict and that post-implementation measures to measure compliance must be put in place to gauge whether the compliance activities led to adequate compliance with such minimum standards.The regular evaluation of salon health, security and safety measures acts as a kind of regular audit of how well the salon is implementing procedures and measures to ensure those, and how well the work processes of the salon meet minimum regulatory and legal standards for compliance. As well, the idea is to exceed those minimum standards. This acts as a kind of health check for the salon, to make sure that it does not slide downwards in terms of its security, health and safety standards and practices.Written communication modes

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