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Biology homework help. hi please i need help question 21 chapter 11 solve the problem thanks!!!StylikeliNum`indivithe sC`in tredin the !also haTo COMvariancebenefitconsistefor exampantsscoresIng indit22 . The preyWFrom20 0 0 0 + on inwith BelowAverage SleepFollowing Nightsstudent records the amount of study time and amountshowing that students had more academic problems( Gillen ā€“ Oā€™Neel , Huynh , & Fuligni , 2013 ) . Supposelems . Identity the problems and briefly explain howone person to another . For an independent ā€“ measuresstudy , these individual differences can cause prob -academic problems each day . The following datacompared to nights with more than average sleepusing a sample of n = 8 college freshmen . Eacha researcher is attempting to replicate this studythey are eliminated or reduced with a repeated -of sleep each night and reports the number offollowing nights with less than average sleepFollowing Nightswith AboveAverage Sleep0 00 in in 40 ā€“ m21. In the Chapter Preview we described a studyshow the results from the study .Number of Academic Problemsmeasures study .StudentI Q TINI DOWDchall

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