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Biology homework help. Hi, I need help with essay on Digital culture. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Another aspect to preference of technology over the human relation is the element of no strings attached factor. It does not demand time in return, no attention, and, discard and replace as one pleases. It is available when needed and it disappears when not needed. It does not bring along major liabilities with itself, certain amount of investment and the technology is man kind’s slave without any major demand for returns which is characteristic element of human beings.This age is rightly called the robot age since emotions have gone on to the back scene, what is needed and demanded by the people is task accomplishment and material objects achievement. This all is possible through technology and hence without a second word, a compromise in the manner in which human beings relate to each other and more reliance on the technology (Turkle, 2011). People are so much taken over by the needs that they relate more to the materials and sources that fulfill their needs than those who are their own clan- the human beings.While the web 1.0 served mainly professional services, and had reduced segment of companion ship, the modern form web 2.0, has patched up and made for the short comings. In other words, it has totally subjugated the human beings. It offers much more than was offered by the earlier form, namely social networks, blogs, chat options. All these tools and utilities have concreted the relationship between the two and hence abridged the relation with in the human beings.Weather forecasts, road navigation, in past all these and many more things were subject to human interpretation and guidance, with the technology around, they are just a few touches away from on the devices that mostly occupy our hands and tables-gadgets.Older generations relied on the human factor, there was more place for values, and relationship fulfillment because there was no element of science and it’s gifted. These gifts have

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