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Business homework help. Need help with my writing homework on Developments In Plastic Optical Fibers And Wearable Technology. Write a 5000 word paper answering; Such technology has seen acceptance from society nowadays, where wearable technology is becoming a norm. It is certain that with such a technological revolution, the future will be changing and it will reshape the way people live and do business (Bothun, et al., 2014). As the survey conducted by Visiongain (2014) has reported that in 2014, the market value of global wearable technology is estimated to be $5.26 billion (Visiongain, 2014).The purpose of this report is to explore the current areas of application of wearable technology and also the future of this wearable technology. In addition, this report addressed the technical, physical, and design requirements of wearable technology, and suggestions are made to improve the user and society’s experience in this technology.There are a number of areas in which wearable technology is currently being used, and major companies developing devices in the wearables market include Microsoft, Google, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, and Apple. These areas are grouped differently in literature. Majorly, there are three main segments of wearable technology where it is currently present, which are sports & fitness, Infotainment, and medical, as reported by (Jacobi & Schäfer, 2013).Among these, sports & fitness have been the major area of application of wearable technology, where these include the devices used by athletes for measuring body movements, dietary measures, and other vibrant functions. For example, Nike has launched a fuel band, which is used by the athletes during their workouts, (as shown in figure 1 in appendix). Another example is the Jawbone Up band, which is used to make a person’s lifestyle healthier. It is full of devices that are linked to a software-based computer, where it enables a person to trail their all activities on a routine basis, such as sleeping and eating arrangements. Then on these bases, it recommends the person to develop a balanced approach to lead healthy lives&nbsp.(TrendHunter, 2011) (figure 2 in appendix).&nbsp.

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