Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Business homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on cost and analysis paper. The reports of the Institute of Medicine on the quality of our healthcare system are based on sound and reliable research materials. The reports have a high degree of quality because they were conducted by the Institute of Medicine which is a highly-reliable organization with highly qualified and knowledgeable researchers. Moreover, the figures and facts which the institute has cited are not far-fetched because as members of the healthcare industry, we are witnesses to these medical errors and to these problems in the quality of health care services. The goals which the reports have suggested are practical goals which are based on assessed needs. Incidents of medical errors are prevalent because of decreased quality of care and as pointed out by the Institute of Medicine report. And there is indeed a great chasm or gap in the quality of health care services in the United States.The Institute of Medicine (1999) has reported that the quality of healthcare in the United States registered at astronomic costs. The paper was published and the problems mentioned therein were seen as far back as 1999. More than 10 years after such report, we still see the same problems in our health care industry. In fact reports from Medical Consumers Organization set forth that we have not made any steady and firm progress towards the prevention of medical errors and towards reducing the cost of these medical errors (Consumers Union, 2009). These errors still cost the health care industry billions of dollars each year. The same problems on quality of health care have not been improved to a certain extent where medical errors have been reduced to a significant extent.

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