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Business homework help. Compose a 500 words essay on The Battle of ‘Ayn Jalut (September 8, 1260). Needs to be plagiarism free!Jumi’u’t-Tawarikh put this battle into documentation presenting the struggles between the Mongols and the Mamluk. The events transpired in 1260, July, when both the Mamluk and the Mongol were encamped in Palestine. The author presents the Mongol as an army that considered itself unstoppable because it had conquered so many nations and territories including Damascus and Baghdad. This victory made Hulagu send envoys to Egypt to demand their surrender. Instead, Quduz responded by destroying the envoys. There were myriad assumptions as to what the Mongols could do to Egypt, but that turned the other way round and the battle led to the death of Ket Buqa Noyan, which saddened Hulagu greatly (Har-El 28).This document is a chronicle of the battle between Muslim nations that took place in the early ages. The author of the document is bringing forth the victory of the Egyptian army against the Mongols. The Mamluks of Egypt can secure themselves from the invading Mongols. The document, therefore, intends to reach the Egyptians and offer them a clear documentation of the events that took place in the struggle to defend themselves from invaders. The document also presented the prowess of the Mamluks to Halugu, who was devastated of hearing the death of his own general.The document presents various main points to its audience. The author begins by presenting the threat that was before Egypt. He proceeds to presenting the numerous conquests that the Mongols had managed to stage. The Egyptians are seen going round and round in reflection regarding the best thing to do: surrender, resist, or escape. After a lot of deliberations, they decide to face the attacks and are seen coming out strongly. The document, therefore, presents the fear before the battle and the role of courage in assisting the soldiers to conquer a much feared enemy. The society presented by the document is seen as one

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