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Business homework help. Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on infrastructure systems in britain Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In order to understand the role of infrastructure systems in the improvement of a country’s economy, it is necessary to refer to the characteristics of these systems as they can be observed in the everyday world. In accordance with Azizi (2000, 1345 ‘a variety of means are currently used throughout the world to finance urban infrastructure in new areas – many countries have attempted to apply alternative and innovative methods to address this issue’.&nbsp.One of the most important advantages of people living in developing countries is the fact that these people – at least most of them – have access to the country’s infrastructure systems – in developing countries the role of these systems for the improvement of the local economy is crucial. Through the years, the performance of infrastructure systems has been increased – under the influence of the increase in the country’s productivity.&nbsp.It is already noticed that infrastructure systems can have many different forms. Regarding this issue, it is noticed that ‘sewers, highways, and other infrastructure are public assets that can and should be managed to maximize public profit, which is measurable as total return on assets’ (Lemer, 1999, 255). Governments in modern states have the responsibility to control the improvement of infrastructure systems using a series of specific criteria in order to check the effectiveness of these systems for a specific social and commercial environment. The role and the characteristics of infrastructure systems in developed countries can be identified only by referring to the parts of existing infrastructure systems – as they are continuously improved in order to meet the needs of customers but also the financial potentials of the countries involved. In the case of Britain, the role of infrastructure systems in the development of the citizens’ benefits (social, health and financial) has been significant – as explained in the sections that follow. Specific parts of the country’s infrastructure network are highlighted: transport, urban planning, and utilities.

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