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Chemistry homework help. Write 6 pages with APA style on V-Shape of River Derwent. One such interesting river is Derwent in Yorkshire, England where it demonstrates various exciting features. River Derwent is undoubtedly one place many people tend to flock.The River Derwent flows from North York heading to the southern part, where it converges with River Hertford, then heads westwards. At the Vale of York, River Derwent now joins with River Ouse. This river was at the center of conflict in the past but now, it proves to be essential to many people especially in the cities of Leeds, Hull, Scarborough, and York. Besides being used as a reserve for several natural features, the river is often used in sporting activities. Moreover, since it has been proved to have low Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), its water is seen as of good quality (Carstairs 2007).As stated above, there is hardly an explanation offered by observers who frequent a river to witness its magnificent features concerning its various appearances. Unknown to many is that a river undergoes various processes, which eventually lead to a particular appearance. This section will now focus on the processes that lead to the V-shape appearance specifically the one at River Derwent in the Cumbria part. Normally, there exist three major types of river processes including Deposition, Transportation, and Erosion. The intensity of each is largely dependent on the magnitude of the energy (Bellmore and Baxter 2013). That is to say, the effects of each of these will be seen mainly depending on the energy the river can exert. The amount of energy water has is dependent on three factors: the mass of water, channel-gradient, and the river’s height above the sea level.Depending on the energy a river has, the transportation of any material cannot begin until friction is subdued where the loosened materials now are transported. Further, turbulence energy is another determinant of transportation. In short,&nbsp.friction with the banks and the bed coupled with the velocity the river has will determine how well the river will transport the sediments. In the case of River Derwent, its energy can carry some materials due to its energy (Carstairs 2007).

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