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Chemistry homework help. Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Pathophysiology exams questions.2. Stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the blood vessels. Stenosis is accompanied by unusual blood sounds resulting from the narrow blood vessels. Regurgitation or incompetence is a condition where the left atrium during systole becomes incompetent in functioning. Prolapsed is a condition where the valves of the heart fall out of place. This is caused by the displacement of the left valve during the systole because of the thickening of the mitral valve prolapsed.3. Asbestosis is a general term given to heart disease resulting from a person inhaling too much dust. It is a chronic pneumoconiosis disease, which affects the parenchymal tissues of the lungs making the lungs to undergo slow and repetitive fibrosis. Straight, thin amphiboles asbestos fibers penetrate deeply into the lungs alveoli thereby interacting with blood, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The interaction of the amphiboles leads to the provocation of body’s immune system leading to rejection of defensive cells known as macrophages, which are responsible for destroying the fibers. Amphiboles also stimulate fibroblast cells of the lungs to lay continuously on the alveoli walls leading to thickening of the walls thus preventing or reducing the process of breathing which can lead to heart failure.4. Clubbing results from people experiencing chronic low blood oxygen levels. The fingertips enlarge and nails appear extremely curved from front to back. The bulbous swelling gives the fingers a club shape. The normal angle of the finger changes from 160º to 180º due to this disease mostly associated with people with heart disease. Adults experience this disease because of liver disorders, gastrointestinal disorders pulmonary disorders and heart diseases.5. Sleep apnea is a condition in which one pauses in breathing while asleep. Narcolepsy is a condition, which usually attacks people of ages 15-30 years, and it encompasses excessive sleepiness and regular daytime sleep attacks. Cataplexy

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