Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Chemistry homework help. Write a 3 pages paper on proposal for academic achievement and parental involvement. They must communicate with their children to develop an understanding with then so that they share with them all problems that they might be facing in their education. Working parents also need to stay regularly in touch with their children’s teachers so as to get informed about their progress. They should be a great help for their children, both morally and physically. Epstein (2001) asserts that working parents or those who live far away or fathers are “less involved” in child’s educations “unless the school organizes opportunities…in various times and in various places” (p. 407). This proves that as compared to house wives, working mothers and, especially, fathers are often non considerate toward their children’s educational achievement because they do not have enough time to spend with them. Thus, there is a great need to address the issue of working parents and their involvement in their children’s academic lives, so that the latter are able to show better achievements in their education. Alternatives Epstein (2001) suggests that “caring communities can be built intentionally” that allows working parents to participate actively in their children’s educational activities (p. 408).

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