Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Chemistry homework help. Q-1) The factorial of a given positive number is calculated as following. For example: 5! = 120 (Here exclamation (!) sign stands for factorial). Write a Java program to calculate a given positive number. The program should block a number if this number is negative and an alert message should appear on the screen immediately. Q-2) What is the meaning of Off-by-One errors? Write a code to show an Off-by-One errors. Do not use the example what I provided in the course slide.Q-3) Write a header of a method and explain of its parts deeply. Illustrates how to call static methods a class a method in the same class.Q-4) What is polymorphism? Write a code about polymorphism? Q-5) Give some examples about data types in SQL? And compare them with java primitive data types.

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