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Chemistry homework help. Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Topic: Plants.On the other hand, arteries in the human body transport oxygen and nutrients from the heart to other body parts while veins transport waste matter from other body parts to the heart (López-Manjón,&nbsp. & Angón, 2009). The second similarity is that the transport vessels in plants move materials in the opposite directions just like the human transport vessels. In plants, the xylem transports water and other minerals from the roots towards the leaves while the phloem transports nutrients produced in the leaves to the other parts of the land (Fensom, 2012). On the other hand, arteries take nutrients from the heart to other parts of the body while veins carry wastes from other parts of the body to the heart in humans.The transport system in the plants is different from that of humans in several ways. The first difference is that while the human circulatory system is aided by the pumping action of the heart, plants transport system in the xylem is aided by the capillary action. Plants lack a pumping organ. The second difference between the plants and human beings is that there are cells that are transported suspended in blood in human circulatory system, but plants have only a watery solution transported. In humans, red blood cells and the white blood cells are carried in the blood.Plants are similar to human beings in some aspects but different in others. The transport system in the plants has been compared to the transport system in the human beings. The similarities highlighted are that they both transport important materials to the cells and transport waste matter away from the cells. However, the two systems are different in that humans have a heart in the transport system, and that cells are carried in the blood during circulation, unlike in

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