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Chemistry homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. It needs to be at least 1750 words.The paintings in comparison belonged to the Impressionist era. They make an interesting comparison and discussion because impressionism had a rough start and was not accepted as a legitimate painting style before. Impressionism is an artistic style and movement that depicts the experience of the artist’s experience. Impressionism focuses on light rather than detail to evoke emotion from its art. They broke away from the traditional academic painting which emphasizes precision and correctness but instead emphasized on the free flow painting of the brush and the emotion of the painter. There are two celebrated artists during this period whose name resembles and who rose to prominence also marks the prominence of Impressionism both as an artistic method and movement. Among this is Auguste Renoir Manet’s rise to prominence as an artist particularly in his work Boating is interesting because it can directly relate to impressionist’s acceptance as an art and movement. Initially, Manet was reluctant to this new genre of painters known as Impressionists because they were not yet accepted during that time. The style of Impressionists breaks away with the academic traditions of the time. Nonetheless, he adopted the impressionist method marked by his work Boating which did not hide the brushwork and free flow movement of the paint.

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