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Chemistry homework help. Write 8 pages thesis on the topic methods of pressure group marketing. The pressure groups focus on the wellbeing of the ordinary person on the market, such that these people will enjoy fair trade and the protection of their consumer rights (Sullivan and Sheffrin, 2003). Because these pressure groups do not directly fight for themselves, their principal methods of marketing have been very different from what exists with other stakeholders, especially for-profit stakeholders. In this paper, the principal methods that are used by pressure groups are described and critically review to find their effectiveness and limitations. This will help in understanding the relevance of the pressure groups and how well they can position themselves to be more useful to society. Operating either at the local, sub-national, national or international level, pressure groups can be termed to be organizations that function with the goal of influencing government and other public policy with the aim of protecting and advancing specific interests (Walls, 2003). Because the concept of marketing is basically concerned with the need to trade out one’s ideas to other people, the whole approach to which pressure groups work has been termed as pressure group marketing. This is because like any other marketer, pressure groups would either record positive or negative outcomes, which means that their agenda may either be accepted or rejected. The outcome of such agenda, however, depends on the degree to which they are able to market their ideas and policies to the general public (Mancur, 2011).according to Wright (2009), the general public is considered the target segment of pressure group rather than the government because once the public buys into the ideas of the pressure group, the influence that comes with this is much higher than when the pressure group has to battle with their voices alone. It is for this reason that this essay seeks to critique various methods used by the pressure groups by way of marketing their&nbsp.ideas and policies to the public and subsequently to the government.

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