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Computer Science homework help. Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses St. Sernin Toulouse.Being a wonderful historical monument, the Basilica maintains worthwhile significance as a splendid religious structural design. Its vast chapel, outstanding ventilation system and exterior and interior art distinguishes it from its contemporary religious edifices and churches. It is therefore not only this that its spiritual importance attracts the pilgrims,but also the magnificence of its architecture fascinates them in such a way that they feel rejoiced to visit this historical place attributed to the exemplary life sacrifice made by St. Toulouse during the early years of Christianity. Its exterior and octagonal crossing tower can be viewed from SE. In addition, the tower added ca. 1250. spire completed 1478. ( monasteries enjoyed the status of the relics of saints particularly during the Romanesque period, the cult of relics became a major cultural factor influencing architecture. ( It is therefore the Christians used to pay much heed to the design and structure so that the monuments could display the valuable services and sacrifices of the early saints during the teaching and preaching of their religious beliefs. By visiting the chapel of St. Toulouse, one is astounded by the art and skills proficiency applied by the expert contractors and builders while making the dream of a magnificent Basilica into reality.Romanesque Architecture 1000 – 1140

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