Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Computer Science homework help. Based on feedback from your previous draft and insight from this week’s discussion, reading, and research, you have been asked to iteratively refine and enhance your draft vision document. It is critical that this enhanced deliverable flow nicely. Carefully reflect on the feedback you were provided and how you feel about making changes based on that feedback. Do not change your vision just because of the feedback if there was a failure to communicate your intent. Agreeing to every change request will not ensure your project success. If the feedback is not compelling to you, try to understand what might have been at the heart of the feedback and work to clarify your ideas and your rationale accordingly.a. In your enhanced vision, be sure to expand your marketing concepts to include the relevant environment factors from your reading. Do any of these factors, including ethic and social responsibility, suggest specific strengths or weaknesses for your concept? Could some form of a SWOT analysis be useful?b. If your original vision did not include consideration for the global marketplace, now is the right time to address it. If you did, when would “go global” make sense for the kind of business you are considering? Are there trends you see that suggest now is or is not the right time? Is it something that you would consider after some initial market success? Or do you think that new and emerging market countries would be more open to your ideas from the start due to the potential for more demand, more liberal laws and/or regulations, or some other marketing factor? Or are there issues that preclude your venture from “going global”? (Please recognize that even if your end-client product tends to be very local, the process of developing a local market and serving it well itself could be the product that has real global potential.)Even though you may be covering more material in this deliverable, you are still asked to keep the total length in the range of 3 to 4 pages. This may require you to prioritize aspects of your message, recognize what is truly important, and discover ways to make your point more concise and invest your words in the document wisely.

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