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Computer Science homework help. Write 1 page essay on the topic What factors led to the end of the Cold War.There are two major factors that were known to have led to the end of it all.One of the major factors was the leadership of the United States under President Ronald Reagan. It was, as many people say, President Ronald Reagans willpower and drive to rise up against the Soviet Union and make an effort in strengthening and improving the aptitude and skill of the US military. The Iron Curtain ultimately was left defeated, because they could no longer compete. Reagan added political, military, and financial weight on the Soviet Union, which was by that time were ill with serious commercial unproductivity. The USSR collapsed and fell in 1991. This left the United States as the leading military supremacy.Another major factor was the reforms attempted by Gorbachev. In 1987, he declared an program of economic reformation called perestroika, or restructuring. In addition, he instantaneously presented glasnost, or openness, which added liberty of the media and the transparency of national organizations. These efforts did not do much to resume the nation’s already lethargic economy. The changes devolved things to a certain degree. The Russian ruble was inconvertible. Perestroika led to the creation of new holdups in the Soviet financial system. By 1990, the administration had essentially lost its control over the dying economic

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