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Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses If tragedy is high mimetic, offering a heightened, grander, and graver representation of life, and comedy is relatively low mimetic, just as it involves much absurdity and levity, tragicomedy is a middle mimetic genre, for it mixes and m.Tragicomedy is, therefore, a blend of comedy and tragedy. This implies that tragicomedy is a “middle mimetic” genre given the fact that mixes features of both the “high mimetic” tragedy and the “low mimetic” comedy as the analysis of The Winter’s Tale and The Tempest below portrays.The Winter’s Tale is a perfect tragicomedy with its plot portraying a balance between comedy and tragedy. King Leontes of Sicilia is a powerful king like any other but begins to suspect Hermione, his wife thus the queen, is having an affair with King Polixenes of Bohemia. The king mistreats his wife by ordering her detention. The King does not care that the wife is pregnant and about to give birth. The plot of the play begins in a tragic mode with the audience feeling sympathy for the pregnant Hermione since she is innocent but her husband maintains that she is guilty. Hermione later gives birth to a baby girl, Perdita. Paulin, a servant of the palace presents the baby to the king but the King gets angrier and orders for the servants to take the baby girl out of the palace and abandon it (Shakespeare and David 43).The King’s anger and inconsiderate decisions heightens the action in the plot thereby positioning the play as a tragedy that would end with the innocent queen facing immense suffering. However, as the plot develops, Perdita lives after Lord Antigonus gives the child to a humble family who brings the child up into a beautiful and honorable girl. Additionally, the king later understands that his wife was in deed innocent and that the baby girl he had banished from the Kingdom was his only heir. The King, therefore, orders for an extensive search for both his daughter and wife. Despite the King’s stern reaction and mean treatment of his wife and daughter, the two survive and lead happy lives albeit differently owing to the separation the King ordered soon after the birth of the daughter. The tragedy heightens when queen Hermione dies

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