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Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. Need an argumentative essay on Osborn-Parnes Model. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.However, by searching for several good answers through the combination of divergent and convergent thinking using imaginative techniques at all stages of the Osborn-Parnes model, it becomes possible to arrive at several workable and innovative solutions. This model has five major steps, although the mess-finding step, which is preliminary in nature, is also added to locate a problem or challenge to which the model can be applied. These steps are mess or objective finding, fact finding, problem finding, idea finding, solution finding or evaluation of ideas, and acceptance finding or implementation of ideas (Treffinger et al, 2012). Each of these steps first employs divergent thinking, whereby there is generation of ideas, after which convergent thinking is applied for the selection of the most promising ideas to be explored further. This paper will apply the Osborn-Parnes model to solve a problem related to opening a maternity shop in a retirement village. The mess-finding or objective-finding stage is the preliminary phase of the creative problem solving process. During the start of the creative problem solving process, one may not have an idea concerning where their creative thinking skills are applicable. This is the phase where one becomes aware of the concerns, challenges, and problems that require to be solved, during which opportunities and challenges are identified (Arp, 2012). Here, both divergent and convergent thinking styles are used with the aim of identifying the business, objectives and concerns. To begin with, because people living in retirement villages are not looking to get children, the sales and marketing process will face several objections. This type of shop, firstly, would be quite profitable if it was opened in a retirement village because there are no such shops open, which would provide first move competitive advantage.

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