Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. On visual basics Develop a calculator that allows the user to specify two numbers and then add, subtract, multiply, or divide them when the user clicks on the corresponding buttons. The output should give the type of arithmetic performed and the result. For example, if the first number is 23 and the second 77, the output is 23 x 77 = 1771 when the user clicks the multiply button. You can make your assumptions for unspecified requirements.You must use a combination of TextBox, Button, and Label controls to design your user form. Two TextBox controls are needed for the input of the two numbers. Four Button controls are needed to indicate the four math operations. There should be a display TextBox for the output. Label controls should be used whenever necessary. Change your user interface’s appearance using the instructions below.The user interface must be intuitive for the end users without explanation. The layout of the controls must be clean and organized. Related controls need to be aligned either horizontally, vertically, or both. Change the default value of the NAME property of each TextBox/Button control to reflect its purpose and object type. For example, the NAME property value of the display TextBox can be named as DisplayTextBox. Also change the default values of the TEXT property of each Button/Label control so that they are informative to the players. Change the FONT property of all Label and Button controls to a font style different from the default one which is font type and font sizeWrite code to respond to each Button control’s click event. The goal is to have a working calculator.Compress the VB project into a .zip file

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