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Earth Sciences homework help. Topic 1: Life Script TemplateRead the “Canyon Family Origins Case Study” and the Gardner article located in the Topic 1 materials and imagine that you are meeting the Canyon family for the first time in your office.Using the life script template below, complete a family script for the Canyon family. Please note this life script has been slightly altered for the purpose of this assignment, as, in most instances, the parent and/or guardian will be completing this form from the first person perspective. When completing the template, be sure to focus on the following:At least three important elements of the family of origin influences.A hypothesis about how the family of origin impacts the current life-span stage.The current family schema and how the challenges presented in the case study impact the family now.Life Script1.      Who was in the client’s immediate family growing up? Describe the people and the general environment.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2.      Give five adjectives or phrases that describe the client’s mother or female caregiver. Then describe the client’s relationship with their mother as far back as they can remember.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3.      Repeat the same exercise as in number 2, but this time for the client’s father or male caregiver. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4.      Give five adjectives that describe the client as a child, the way that client perceives themselves from as far back as they can remember. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Areas of Focus for TreatmentNow that a life script has been completed for the client, you need to identify three areas of focus for treatment based on the information from the life script. List the areas of focus below and your rationale for those selections. Include an APA-formatted reference note in the reference section below as appropriate.Areas of FocusRationale1.       2.       3.       References:

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