Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Earth Sciences homework help. Create a 1 page page paper that discusses madatory labeling food in resturants. The reasons for supporting mandatory labeling of foods have to do with the effects of genetically modified food on the health of individuals. The second reason has to do with the ingredients used in the production of the foods. (IFPRI) Some people may be on certain diets that do not allow them to consume the products. The third reason is basically for the benefit of the manufacturing company such that consumers prefer foods from certain companies because of their reputation, labeling makes them easily identifiable to the consumer. Lastly, labeling is important for a country as it helps it in identifying products that come from countries that are known to violate manufacturing standards and therefore they do not allow them in the market to protect its citizens. It also enhances fair competition and market efficiency in a given country. (Elise Golan) Consumer choices may change due to mandatory labeling because they are able to identify products that have been certified as fit for use and those that have not. If for example the product is certified by an international accredited body, chances are consumers will buy it more as compared to another labeled by a local body. Consumer preferences in terms of quality will also make certain products to lose the market as a result of these as they will be able to differentiate easily and make choices whether to buy or not.

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