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Earth Sciences homework help. You will prepare and submit a term paper on Developing an effective strategic human resources plan. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Developing an effective strategy for Human Resources plan: The paper explains the strategy adopted by the of Winnipeg pertinent to thehuman resource. It gives details of how the overall action is undertaken, what plans are being adopted, and how this entire plan would facilitate the services that are to be provided to the members of the community. These steps would make the community a better place to live and work in.Scope of Human resource planning strategy:Human resource planning includes planning out the human resources in present, and also in times ahead. It may involve the prioritization of work force, activities, work distribution, training and guidance along with the consideration for future as to how much work force might be needed in future and in what capacity and what exact department within the respective organization.To convert these practices into action in the community, a vigorous Corporate Plan is being put in place for this purpose in the city of Winnipeg.The need:The report gives details as to the importance of human resource planning in the city. According to the report the overall structure has expanded in a very complex manner, with salaries, the work staff, number of unions in the community, and departments all in a very haphazard and complex manner, thereby each of them need an effective human resource planning strategy in order to enable them working in the due manner desired. With factors like considerable amount about to retire by 2005, strategy needs to be devised in order to create their replacement and fill up for the vacuum that would be created afterwards.The work force needs to be familiarized with modern methods, and effective means to improve their overall productivity which would directly benefit the community.The policies of the community need reshaping and polishing as they have been stagnant for a good while now.For this purpose a framework is being defined to take up the plan of human resource planning.The frame work aims to incorporate an effective work force which is equipped with state of the art technology and skill in order to achieve the desired objectives. The aim behind the entire idea is to create a model community in Canada through the usage of human resource functions. Technology and information system means are adopted for this purpose to facilitate the overall process of community improvement.The core idea is to explore dimensions of new ideas and novel concepts.Business related planning ? organizational operations planning? H.R Planning = Successful outcome.The idea is to convert the above stated equation into a relationship that serves the needs of the community. The enables and stakeholders in this case are the top heads in form of Mayor, managers, councils, the citizens, the entire scheme of plan, human resources and most importantly technology. According to the report, the plan would also envisage cultural pluralism along with identification of areas of mutual interest.Key success factors defined in this domain include leadership roles defining, policies envisaging, members support and commitment.Report link: “Human Resource Strategic Plan.” Condensed Version. 2001.

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