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Economics homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on english hmework. A hero is someone that I respect while Role models have some qualities or behavior that I admire and would like to emulate. In her Science Magazine article “Heroines and Role Models,” Maxine Singer argues there is a difference between heroes and role models. In her opinion, heroes have many charming qualities, such as nobility of purpose, unconventional lifestyle, talent, and self-sacrifice. For example, she believes Marie Curie was a hero because of her talent and self-sacrifice. She also thinks Martha Graham and Isadora Duncan were heroes because they were talented, and they had unconventional lifestyles and courage. However, she does not state what a role model is, but we can suggest that a role model might not have a hero’s characteristics. Based on Singer’s views, role models are close to us, and they need to learn something from the heroes. (COLL) In addition, Singer believes we do not have as many heroes today as in the past. Nowadays, heroes are difficult to find. On the other hand, it is not hard to have a role model. Reading ‘Heroes and Role Models’ made me to reflect on my life and thought that my father had helped me grow as an individual. Father is the best example of what a hard worker is. (COLL#2) He told me that he started his business when he was 18 years. He took this step because his family was poor at that time, and he wanted to make life much better by working hard. He did what he thought would help him make money. He worked harder than others as a result his outcome was better. Furthermore, he has had many different jobs. Sometimes he did many jobs on the same day. For example, in the morning he could go to his company that manufactured boxes and then dealt with the daily routine afterwards. After completing his work, he could go selling a box lunch on the roadside. (PART) During the afternoon, he could send goods. Moreover, he looked for a part-time job that he could do after dinner, in order to make more income. Because of the hard work, father’s family financial situation became much better than before. I have emulated my father by working hard. He worked hard, in order to provide for us. I have made some tremendous improvements in class in the past three semesters. In this semester, I am taking 21 units and I expect to do well by working hard. The fact that I am not a smart girl makes hard work very important. Staying at school to study is my priority because of the conducive learning environment. Making it to a top university will be a dream come true. Hard work is the principal way to success. Working hard is my hobby simply because I can get some unexpected surprises. For example, I did not do well on my Econ100 final test in last semester. However, the teacher felt that I did my best. As a result, the teacher gave me an A grade. In future, I will continue to work hard as I believe this will give me a hand.Besides being a good role model for hard work, father is also a good example of planning wisely. He always plans. There are some activities which makes me feel how warm and sweet he is. What I like about him is that he always has plan B when plan A is not successful. We always have a second choice if we cannot go to the first place. Because of his strategic plans, he has enjoyed success in his business and in family matters. I am similar to my father in that I always make two plans before doing anything. For instance, I will make two different outlines before writing my essay. I never worry about what to do or where to go because they are all in my plans. I did not want to copy something from my father. However, I do the same thing every weekend. I usually make a schedule for following week. When I see my schedule, I have no idea why I want to do this thing.Most importantly, my father has been a good role model for optimism. He is optimistic. He always looks at life with a positive outlook. Sometimes I heard that he failed in one case then I decided to comfort him. However, I did not see any displeasure on his face. I asked him “Do you feel alright?” “Yes, I am. I have absorbed the experience from this trade, and I believe I will succeed next time.” I almost never saw his sadness expected my family members argued with him. He has a great number of happy stories. When I was a young, he told me stories every night. I will never be upset when my father accompanies me. He brings so much happiness to our family. I am similar to him as I always bring happiness to my friends. Most friends say that they are happy when they see me. If I get a B grade on one test, I will not be discouraged and I will encourage myself that I will get a good grade by working hard. The Spring Festival, the New Year in China, is coming, but I cannot stay with my family. Similarly, my friends and most of my classmate and ex-classmate will not spend the spring festival with their family. I decided to call them together so that we spend the Festival together. While writing this essay, I came to appreciate more the admirable qualities I have observed in my father. He is a hard worker for the company and my family. His hard work helps him get respect from his employees. His planning helps him to earn a great number of orders. His optimism helps him to work better and happier every day. He has been a very good example to me. It has shown me the easiest path to success. Hard work has assisted me to get a 4.0 GPA every semester. Planning has assisted me to do the right things at the right time. Optimism has helped me make many friends. According to Singer, my father is not a hero because he is not a very talented person and he does not make self-sacrifice. Nevertheless, he has been successful in business and in family matters. I agree with Singer. There are not many heroes today. However, there are many people doing good things for the society. Definitely, those are all role models. They do good things in order to make a better world, and deliver a positive feeling of happiness to others.

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