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Economics homework help. Need help with my writing homework on Critically assess the mV and digital policyain elements of the EU policy on HDT. Write a 1000 word paper answering; Through television, a lot of telecommunication companies has been put up which provides work for millions of people. It is where product commercials are aired. It is also where public concerns and responsibilities were discussed. While each and every national government has set up its own rules with regards to telecommunication, the European Union has also set its guidelines and policies to maintain and level the playing fields of the telecommunication competition.In this era where digital technologies were making its way to communication highways and prospectively play a much bigger role in the future, the European Union has identified the needs of introducing digital technologies harmoniously into the market. By means of a consensus process involving all the relevant economic agents, this aim can be easily achieved.There are 6 different areas of audiovisual activities which are covered by the commission. According to the Principles and guidelines for the Communitys audiovisual policy in the digital age (2005), On the basis of these principles, the Commission intends to take action in the following fields:the new “Media plus” programme, considered to be of crucial importance for the future of the European audiovisual industry. In all areas of action (training, development, distribution, promotion) this new programme will take account of the new digital environment.The external dimension of Community audiovisual policy will necessarily hinge around two central elements: the enlargement of the European Union and the new round of multilateral trade negotiations in the framework of the World Trade Organisation.This Directive which was adopted in 1989 and revised in 1997, based from Television broadcasting activities: “Television without Frontiers” (TVWF) Directive(2006) is the cornerstone of the European Unions audiovisual policy.

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