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Economics homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Trust Case. It needs to be at least 1500 words.tutorials, prompts, guides, to assist and inform the user to execute transaction and or explore task on the website (Studio Archetype/ Sapient, 1999, p.33).b) Presentation is the behavior in which the apparent glance and outlook of the site, both inside and outside of it, communicates significant information to the user. It has 3 elements. Clarity of Purpose implies that the efficiently laid out visuals successfully transmit the idea and the intention of the site. It is to familiarize the customers, that they can buy products when they get to this web site. Craftsmanship is the extent of the skill and proficiency of the development of the website, which the viewer perceives and judges by the first look of it.c) Technology: The number of ways in which the site technically functions. It has 2 elements which are: 1) Functionality: On the whole, how well the website seems to work for the user (Studio Archetype/ Sapient, 1999, p.33).d. Fulfillment is the entire method that the user goes through from the time a particular product’s purchase is initiated until he finally receives the product. Its elements include: 1) Protection of Personal Information: The privacy of the personal information is a must as it should be guaranteed to be used for that particular purpose to be used for no purpose other than what it was provided for.3) Recourse: The operation process allows for remedy if one faces a problem at any time during the course of action. 4) Return Policy: There should be clarity in explaining the return policy 5) Simplicity of Process: How simple and easy is the purchase process (Studio Archetype/ Sapient, 1999, p.33).Qs2) “Seals of approval” are described as affirmed, acknowledged and authentic policies of security and encryption (seals of approval). The companies that provide these seals of approval are referred to in this report as “security brands. The top three “security brand” seals of approval in terms of percentage of

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