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Economics homework help. Write 7 page essay on the topic Homework(3).If a 60-lb force P is exerted on the spanner at D, find the reactions at A and B. (FBD attached separately)4.75. Member ABC is supported by a pin and bracket at B and by an inextensible cord attached at A and C and passing over a frictionless pulley at D. The tension may be assumed to be the same in portions AD and CD of the cord. For the loading shown and neglecting the size of the pulley, determine the tension in the cord and the reaction at B. (FBD attached separately)4.80. Using the method for sec. 4.7, solve for Prob. 4.28. A lever AB is hinged at C and attached to a control cable at A. If the lever is subjected to a 500-N horizontal force at B, determine (a) the tension in the cable, (b) the reaction at C. (FBD attached separately)4.122. The assembly shown is welded to collar A that fits on the vertical pin shown. The pin can exert couples about the x and z axes but does not prevent motion about or along the y-axis. For the loading shown, determine the tension in each cable and the reaction at A. (FBD attached

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