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Economics homework help. Sometimes situations arise in courses (or with instructors) that make you angry or upset, yet you need to resolve them diplomatically.  It is important to email your instructor in a way that is professional and not accusatory, while asking for resolution of the conflict. Pick two of the scenarios below, and write a professional email for each to a fictional instructor about the situation.  Scenario 1You were in the middle of taking your final exam (which is timed) when the power went out.  When the power resumed, the exam time had expired.  You were only able to answer a few questions, and have a failing grade on the final.  Write a professional email to your instructor explaining the situation, and asking if the exam can be reopened.Scenario 2You just looked at your grade on a project; it was much lower grade than you anticipated.  You do not understand why your grade was low because your tutor helped you prepare the project. Write a professional email to your instructor asking for clarification on your score.Scenario 3Prior to the due date, your instructor approved the late submission of your assignment.  When you looked at your grade, points had been deducted due to the late submission.  Write a professional email to your instructor inquiring about the late penalty.Scenario 4You were reading through the posts of your classmates, and you notice that one of them copied your discussion post – i.e. they plagiarized.  Write a professional email to your instructor informing them of the situation.   Be sure to provide the name of the fictional student who plagiarized, and explain what they did.

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