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Economics homework help. Need an argumentative essay on Guernica the Most Famous Painting by Pablo Picasso. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.The essay “Guernica the Most Famous Painting by Pablo Picasso” explores the painting of Pablo Picasso. The name of the painting is “Guernica”. This painting was done after the Basque bombing of 1937, during the well known Spanish war. The bombing shocked and angered young Pablo and he decided to do a painting of the experience. According to Hensley, Guernica is 3.5 by 7.8 meters big. It is also black, grey and white in color and is painted in oil. Pablo’s Guernica painting was commissioned by the Spanish Republican Government for display of the Spanish culture in 1937. This painting has played an important role in politics as its main aim was to change the way people thought and viewed power. It portrays the tragedies of war and the suffering of the affected people, especially the innocent victims. Pablo’s painting portrays broken people and animals showing anguishing pain. The painting has monumental status and it became a perpetual reminder about the war. It made the world know about the Spanish civil war. The Guernica painting has the following symbols. a bull, a horse, a young woman holding a light, a dead person, a woman overlooking at the window, a bird and a vertical person at the end. The symbols in the painting have different meanings. For example, the bull and the horse are important animals in the Spanish culture. The painting represents at least three major themes in Pablo’s Picasso life and his art. The crucifixion, the national ritual of bullfighting, and the mythological tradition of the Minotaur.

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