Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Education homework help. Need an research paper on types of surveys/ week 4. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. All personal information requires to be treated with sensitivity and anonymity. Hence the most effective choice is self – administered questionnaires..The ideal choice for this question will be a ‘telephonic – survey’. The main reason for this choice is that it is a cheaper option, and simpler method to collect information. Utilising other forms, i.e. self administered or personal interview, will prove to be expensive as well as tedious. Hence the most effective choice for this question will be ‘telephonic – surveys’.The most suited method for this survey would be a ‘telephonic – survey’. The use of a telephonic survey will allow the researcher to gain in – depth information on the management policies, which would otherwise not be possible. The use of personal interviews would not be feasible as the costs involved would be high considering the respondents are scattered over the Eastern U.S. Also self administered surveys will not effective as the responses will be very limited without possibility of probing to get accurate information (Silverman, 2005). Hence the most effective method for this would be ‘telephonic – surveys’.Gaining information from financial officers of the Fortune 500 companies requires time and flexibility. Considering their busy schedules and the need for anonymity, the most effective method for this survey would be a ‘self – administered’ survey (Sekaran, 2000). This will allow the officers to fill out the surveys when they are free and have time to spare without disturbing their daily business, along with the fact that they could provide anonymous answers and give their honest opinions about the industry. Hence the best suited method will be ‘self – administered’ surveys.

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