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Education homework help. Compose a 500 words assignment on pension assistant. Needs to be plagiarism free! Additional Information for the Pensions Assistant Application: PART D Task: Additional Information for the Pensions Assistant ApplicationAccording to the person specifications outlined by the board, I provide this information because my personal self-assessment reveals that I have massive experience to meet position requirements. The educational level that I have attained meets the criteria set out by the board. I have attained a bachelor’s degree, which matches the essential educational required from the pensions assistant. Furthermore, the board has not specified the training background that potential pension assistants need to have. This gives me an automatic qualification in the educational requirement. It is noteworthy to state that I have a higher degree of flexibility and my willingness to acquire additional knowledge also emerge as my strongest point. This confirms my readiness to participate in the mandatory certificate in pension calculations. Indeed, my background as a financial mathematician together with the current Masters training in mathematics, which I am pursuing positions as an excellent candidate for the post.My personal skills assessment also reveals that I meet the aptitudes criteria for the position. This is because the training I received in trading power strategy enabled me to gain valuable knowledge on financial calculations. I also have a superior understanding information technology proficiency including Microsoft Office Packages, Maple SAS, Esignal, Win QSB, Internet and Email that increases my ability to handle diverse computer skills requirements from the pension assistants. I am also fluent in languages including English, French, Somali, and Basic Arabic, thus making me relevant for pension assistant position. This is because the position holder anticipates serving a highly multicultural customer base. I am professionally sensitive to customers and offering them excellent service remains my greatest passion. Indeed, in my previous work engagements as sales assistant, office assistant, and as an intern at Waltham Forest Council I gained massive experience in administration, front office management, clients’ satisfaction strategies, and records management. Undoubtedly, these experiences incorporate skills that remain highly valuable in offering pension assistant tasks. I have also developed teamwork, problem solving, and leadership skills from my outside classroom engagements. Furthermore, my participation in volunteer work and community service enabled me to acquire valuable skills, which are necessary for increasing employee engagement. It is noteworthy to recognize that the position requires potential workforce to display their capability to adhere with health and safety responsibilities. I appreciate that the occupational requirements incorporated in the specifications greatly enhance the wellbeing and safety of every workforce. I am confident that I can meet the occupational requirements because I am highly open to learning and closely following instructions. Furthermore, workers were expected to meet similar conditions in my previous work environments. I can meet the occupational requirements through reading and familiarizing myself with the provisions of the “Health and Safety at Work Act” and the “Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations”. I also possess a professional character of adaptability to fresh resources including knowledge, instructions, and regulations. This is a valuable personality that greatly increases my ability to adapt and meet the occupational requirements. Furthermore, the notion that these wellbeing and safety stipulations require reading and comprehension still makes it possible for me to meet the stipulations because I have the capacity to gain knowledge from such documents. I also have a keen interest in promoting social responsibility, which makes it automatic for me to meet the occupational requirements in order to achieve such social protection interests.

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