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In this discussion, your instructor will assign and post your mock professional learning community (PLC) group of approximately two to three peers. Once your group has been identified, begin collaborating with the group in this discussion and in the Ethics in Research discussion. In this discussion, your first step is to get to know your partners in your mock PLC.
Initial Response: In your assigned discussion group posting area, post an initial response that addresses the following areas:
Post a brief introduction of your professional and/or educational background and current or future goal within the education profession.
I am a lead contact supervisor with the U.S. Department of Treasury. As a Mid-Level Manager with demonstrated leadership, organizational, and business acumen with over 36+ years of service with the Internal Revenue Service. I lead, develop and educate a team of eighteen employees. I am organized, results-oriented with a proven track record in directing teams and process improvement initiatives, particularly strong in customer service, staff development, employee engagement, training, and evaluations. I have a BA in Applied Behavior Science and an MA in Organizational Management, specializing in Organizational Leadership. Currently, I am pursuing a dual Masters of Arts in Education, specializing in Family and Community & Instructional and Curriculum. I may retire from the government within three to four years. Within a year, I would like to become a part-time substitute teacher. I may pursue a Doctorate degree and teach college online /virtually. My dream is to own a daycare facility in my community.
Group Leader:As a group, identify a leader. The leader will then
Complete and attach the Group Agreement document.
Post your group name.
List each member of your group and which of the bulleted points listed in the Ethics in Research Discussion each member of the group will be working on.
Identify what mode of communication you will use to work together to complete and disseminate the discussion points. Use the Group Agreement document as your guide while collaborating in the Ethics in Research Discussion.

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