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Engineering homework help. I will pay for the following essay Jeri Caldwell at Moex, INC. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.rt from that, others like Jeff Fairbanks, Bonita Harriman and Rafford Marshall feel being subjected to colorblind referring to conforming to the mainstream or dominant group way and feel pressured to give up their unique way of speaking, dressing, religion or relating to one another by the minority group (Robins, Judge and Vohra, 56). The minority group at MOEX is also experiencing exclusion discrimination as they feel they are treated like outsiders in the company.The problems are coming from the past behavior that is unfair discrimination practices of the company, insufficient affirmative action to correct the past discrimination and ineffective diversity management. Also the conservative culture of MOEX, in comparison with other high-tech firms, low representation of minorities in the workforce due to company’s inability to attract and retain diverse people and its reputation in color communities of being unsupportive and sometimes hostile attitude towards colored people are leading to the problems of discrimination and colorblindness. Apart from that, the discriminatory behavior of dominant group that is stereotyping the color people, ethnocentrism and non-inclusion of minorities are also contributing to the problem of discrimination.To tackle the problem of unfair discrimination the simplest method is using legislation and affirmative action. However legal approaches are effective only after the event of discrimination as they do not exactly specify how discrimination can be prevented (Crane and Matten, 275). It is also clear from the case that MOEX has taken steps towards changing its past behavior with respect to discrimination by recruiting diverse employees. However its strategy was not effective and it also failed to retain diverse employees. It is in the hands of the management and its policies can avoid the occurrence of discrimination, colorblind and exclusion. MOEX by implementing the following diversity management strategies can effectively

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