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Engineering homework help. Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Use of Communication Skills to Facilitate Therapeutic Relationships.In psychiatric setup, the nurse aims at helping the Client to become independent and establishing confidence. Williams& Irurita (2004), states that disclosure is the cornerstone for this relationship to be effective and also for the achievement of self-disclosure. There is need for trust, intimacy, effective relational communication and the assurance of confidentiality (Popoola et al 2012).According to Cull (2012), the Nurse uses their communication skills to understand human behaviors and personal growth so as to ensure Client’s growth. Communication enhanced through an emotional supportive enquiry. The nurse aims to familiarize themselves with the Client and their situation. This can be done through listening, taking notes, clarifying and checking perceptions. It is important to confirm that one has understood what the Client needs. This can be achieved through reflective conversation, reflecting feelings and silence. Thereafter, the Nurse should lead the conversation. Focus should be on the Client’s ideas, expression and feelings and the nurse should be friendly but not a friend to the client. This line needs to be clearly drawn by the nurse. It is important that the Client should be safe, confidential, reliable and consistent with the existing boundaries. For these to happen, the nurse should be genuine, empathetic and positively regard all Clients regardless of their mental state. Genuineness in this case is the self awareness of the Client’s feelings as they arise in the relationship and the ability to communicate them when necessary. This works to build trust and further prompt the client to open up. The Nurse should be capable of empathy.

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