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English Language and Literature homework help. Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on disparities in race and capital punishment Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Capital punishment should be abolished because it is unfairly applied to minorities. In order for capital punishment to be effective, it would have to be fairly applied to all races equally. however, due to many factors, even beyond white prejudice against minorities, this is not a possibility, and capital punishment should not exist in any country as it is an impossibility for it to exist fairly and justly. As capital punishment is obviously a permanent solution to a problem, it necessarily must have the highest set of standards applied to it considering that it would be an extreme injustice for a person to be executed for a crime not committed by the person. Much of the anti-capital punishment rhetoric centers around the unacceptability of wrongful execution. Following this logic through, it has also been stated that the set of standards required nullifies the effectiveness of capital punishment: “In a similar fashion, the scrupulous but necessary review of capital sentencing so affects the system that it cannot accomplish its purposes” (Greenburg, 1982). Most cases dealing with capital punishment take well over ten years of appeals before the execution ever takes place. Along these lines, it becomes more of a spectacle, many times with people attending executions on both sides of the debate attempting to make their voices heard. After all of this time and effort and all of the spectacle involved with the process, it seems as though only the family of the victims even consider why the execution is taking place at all. Of course, none of this even involves how a prisoner on death row even got to be in that situation. For a defendant to receive the death penalty, it has to be agreed upon by a jury. Because of the way in which juries are run, it is not possible to discern whether there is prejudice being exhibited during the process: “Because the United States legal system treats the jury as a ‘black box,’ it would be&nbsp.difficult to prove that capital juries use their discretion to impose death in impermissibly prejudicial ways” (Yale Law Journal, 2001).&nbsp.&nbsp.

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