Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

English Language and Literature homework help. Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Islam and Secularism in Turkey.The provision which declared that the religion of the state was Islam was removed through the constitutional amendment. A great percentage of the citizens in Turkey subscribe to Islam. However, the current constitution which came into effect in 1982 does not recognize or promote an official state religion, including Islam (Kuru 28).Secularism in Turkey did not strictly advocate that the state and religion be separated. It simply describes the stance of the state as one that supports dynamic neutrality. Turkish position on religion and its relationship with the European Union has caused some issues with how it relates to the West and the East. Turkey’s history of secularism can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire (Kuru 56). During this period, the toleration of diversity was a major issue for country’s the administration. The beginning of secularism in Turkey is said to have been very dramatic as it negated the Islamic system of the Ottoman Empire. Islamists spent the entire 20th century opposing

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