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English Language and Literature homework help. Write 11 pages thesis on the topic the subject of ict in the national curriculum. “To provide advice on effective education for citizenship in schools – to include the nature and practices of participation in democracy. the duties, responsibilities and rights of individuals as citizens. and the value to individuals and society of community activity” (Crick Report, 1998: 4). As these observations and examinations into the National Curriculum were being made, advances in technology were also having an effect on the means by which this type of instruction, as with many other topics, could be transmitted. Technology is having an electric effect upon the way in which pupils learn and the ways in which teachers instruct, reducing the time teachers spend on mundane paperwork tasks and bringing students experiences in ways that have never before been possible. Whether this is ultimately more or less effective than traditional methods of instruction alone will depend to a large degree on the way in which lessons are approached and how technology is used to enhance education rather than simply providing entertainment. To understand the ways in which Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be used to enhance citizenship instruction to students, this paper will examine current practices in the developmentally difficult Key Stage 3 curriculum set by first examining the literature regarding the goals and objectives of learning at this stage and the ways in which ICT has been used thus far, and then discussing whether these uses have been effective educational tools.To understand the ways in which ICT can be brought into the curriculum to assist in citizenship training, it is first necessary to understand what is meant by citizenship training, especially as it applies to this age group. In writing the Crick report, the advisory group turned to a definition provided by David Hargreaves to indicate what they meant by citizen training: “civic education is about the civic virtues and decent behaviour that adults wish to see in young people. But it is also more than this.

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