Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

English Language and Literature homework help. Write 5 pages with APA style on Political Ramifications of Google Glass. Political issues discussed are about its violation of intellectual property rights, its support for information sharing, its privacy violations, ability to support intelligence agencies in the collection of private information, and its benefits in curbing corruption and fraudulent activities within the government.There are legal issues that this Google glass could bring such as the issue of privacy. This device allows people to take photos, and videos anywhere, and this may not go down well with people who value their privacy. Some bars have already banned Google glass on their premises. The bar owners noted that the bars were private places, and there was no way Google glass could be allowed. One argued that he needed his customersÂ’ privacy to be respected, and Google glass seemed to be a device that violated that (Slane & Michael, 2013). Google glass allows individuals to send and receive information about other people. This promotes the violation of privacy if Google glass users send information about others without their consent. Casinos are also reviewing their rules to come to a conclusion on whether to ban it or not. The Casino managers are, however, concerned about the use of such a device to spy on others in the game, and its ability to promote cheating in the game. It is considered a risk in the gaming industry because it has a high potential of tarnishing the integrity of gaming (Slane & Michael, 2013).Privacy is a major issue because it affects various areas. There is concern about the use of Google glass by Paparazzi to collect information about celebrities, and political leaders, anywhere. The ability of the device to recognize people through facial recognition applications is also an issue. This presents a threat to people under witness protection and any other individuals who wish to keep their lives private.

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