Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

final assignment is a 3-5 page response to either Frederick Douglasss Narrative or the American Experience Episode The Abolitionists ( In either case you should in a well-organized essay analyze the threat posed by the abolitionists to the Southern way of life and offer your take on how successfuleither Douglass as an individual or the abolitionists collectively were in their efforts. Be sure to include a clear thesis in your introduction and use specific
examples from the reading/film to back up your point. Your will be graded both on style and content. Please double space and use a standard twelve-point font (preferably Times New Roman) and one inch margins. Please use only course discussion and the assigned texts/video in formulating your answer. You should cite your sources parenthetically. That is at the end of
each quotation or paraphrase you must include the authors last name and page number. For example if you quote Douglasss Narrative page 35 you would list the reference as (Douglass 35).

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final assignment is a 3-5 page response to either Frederick Douglass’s Narrative
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