Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Gender Studies homework help. Note: Assume using straight-line amortization of bond discount or premium.General JournalDebit CreditInterest Receivable12,000Interest Income11, 400Investment in StallionCorporation BondsGOOPony Corporation owns 65 percent of the voting stock of Stallion Corporation, and consolidated statements arprepared on December 31, 20X7.Required:a. What was the original purchase price of the bonds to Pony Corporation?X Answer is not complete.Original purchasepriceb. What is the balance In Pony’s bond investment account on December 31, 20X7?* Answer is not complete.Bond investmentaccount:. Prepare the worksheet elimination entry or entries needed to remove the effects of the Intercompany ownerbonds in preparing consolidated financial statements for 20X7. (If no entry is required for a transaction/event”No journal entry required” in the first account field.}* Answer is not complete.NoEventAccountsDebitCreditA200,000Bond premiumInterest incomeInvestment in Stallion Corporation bondsInterest expenseB2Interest payable12,000Interest receivable12,000

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